Sourlas Energy is active in the supply and distribution of Compressed Natural Gas to offshore industries, businesses and greenhouses, gas retailing, owning a gas station and distributing compressed gas to other cities. Finally, it has a direct consumer service in the event of a breakdown.

Supply and Distribution of Compressed Natural Gas
The company undertakes the squeeze, transport and decompression of natural gas to industries, businesses, greenhouses located outside of the distribution network, offering all three services continuously and at an advantageous price. Natural Gas compression is achieved at the privately owned compressor station in Hygeia Street in Larissa using a compact size compressor to serve multiple consumers.
The transportation of the compressed Natural Gas is carried out using proprietary special vehicles equipped with special arrays of bottles intended for the transport of this.

Vehicles and battery packs are specially certified for carriage by a certified driver. The special arrays play the role of the on-site reservoir. Decompression takes place at the consumer's site by installing one or more stations tailored to the needs of the consumer, respecting all safety standards.

Gas powered
The company has the first independent compressed natural gas (CNG) service in Greece, located on Hygeia Street, opposite the University Hospital of Larissa. It was built according to European construction standards and the most stringent safety standards in cooperation with foreign firms. The station has the latest technology in the compressor and pumps, offering both fast and fast filling of passenger cars and trucks (1-min filling truck, truck-bus in less than 3 minutes).

Direct In-Service Service in the event of a breakdown
Sourlas Energy has the service of directly supplying buildings, industries, businesses in case of failure, in short response time, with mobile transfer and decompression equipment in the consumer area.

Distribution of compressed natural gas to cities
The company undertakes compression and transportation of natural gas to supply cities within 150 km of Larissa. It has the most up-to-date equipment and adheres to the strictest standards of gas transportation to serve concentrated customers.

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What energy needs does the CNG cover?

CNG covers all the energy needs of production plants, commercial enterprises, large consumers in:
Heating, air conditioning, Hot water production, Cooking - baking, steam preparation or drying, co generation of heating and electricity.

Can be used in Industry / Commercial / Public buildings / Hospitals / Universities / Schools / Fuel Stations

How can I get CNG?

To get CNG, you can contact us using one of the available ways by clicking here.

Is any cost required?

Interest request is not binding and does not require any cost. The final proposal is delivered to the customer and includes the cost of converting fuel to CNG, the cost of procurement and the benefits of savings in fuel change.

Does New Infrastructure Need?

The CNG connection is converted to your existing infrastructure by our company. In order to ensure the safety rules, it may be necessary to build a special shelter, which is taken over by our company.

How long does the installation require?

By accepting your offer, our company can serve you in a short time.

Do I need a special permit?

No, no special permission is required from you. Our company has the necessary certifications and licenses for compression and CNG transfer.



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