Since 2004, he has been building gas supply networks as well as installation points for pipelines and columns in Larissa, Volos, Athens and Thessaloniki, having executed a large number of contracts with EPA THESSALY, EPA THESSALONIKI and EPA ATTIKIS. These are projects with particular technical requirements, for which it is necessary for the specialized personnel. It has also built more than 100Km of polyethylene network in various diameters, several kilometers of steel network with Hot - tapping activations, more than 30 regulating / metering stations and more than 250Km of overhead steel networks. In-house gas installations for major industries such as Lafarge in Volos, Pantheon Plaza shopping center in Larissa, as well as public buildings such as the Trikala Hospital and LPG plants in TERNA LEFKOLITHI SA. in Mantoudi of Evia bear the signature of Sourlas SA. In fact, it is worth mentioning that the company has all the necessary equipment under the contracts with the EPA of Thessaly, but also the emergency personnel with experience in all kinds of incidents.

Having retained the core of staff and management, the dynamics of Sourlas SA in the gas field are positioned at the highest levels among the country-specific technical gas companies, aiming at dealing with the commercial segment.




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