SINCE 1997

Sourlas SA is a dynamic company active in the field of construction of public and private projects, in the construction of natural gas projects, the marketing and distribution of building materials, the construction of hydraulic works, as well as electricity and road works. Its presence is strong in the energy sector, with Sourlas Energy engaged in the supply and distribution of natural gas.

In December 1997 Mr. Nikolaos Sourlas, Civil Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens and Mr. Athanasios Sourlas, ASOEE graduate economist, having already been active in the construction sector since 1978 with TEMKA SA and since 1981 with HINIOHOS SA they have founded the company for the construction of public and private works SOURLA BROS SA. and the company production and distribution of ready-mixed concrete SOURLA BROS SA In 2000, after the merger of the originally-founded companies, Sourlas SA came into being.

The company, through the many years of experience of its founders, multi-faceted know-how in construction and based on the specialized personnel and its own equipment, responds successfully to the demands of the modern market and to the completion of projects requiring complex technological solutions.

The company has installed and applies a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2000. Also, the Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001: 2007 / ELOT 1801: 2002 has been installed and implemented.

Sourlas SA's strategy for the coming years is:

  • maintaining leadership in public and private projects
  • the vertical integration of production by applying environmental standards
  • the continuous improvement of competitiveness in order to reduce production costs
  • focus on human resource education and corporate social responsibility


Sourlas SA belongs to the businesses that are inseparably linked to the community in which they operate, influencing and influenced by their time and place of action. Recognizing its responsibility towards society and the environment, it is participating in the strengthening of local cultural associations and sports clubs.


Sourlas Bros SA,
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